Waterproffing Services

We at Prominent Facility Management Services are waterproofing contractors and consultants based in Mohali and rendering services to Chandigarh, Mohali Ludhiana, and Surrounding Areas. Our experienced team understands the importance of the Waterproofing Areas like waterproofing of basement, waterproofing of roof and take care during the time of construction of a new house or any Building Premises. Our Qualified team renders the services for Hydro proofing by using the best of the available material in order to achieve our common goal that is to make your property free from water seepage.

In Old or Pre Constructed Buildings Ageing is one of the important and relevant factor which is responsible for the cracks which develops on roofs and terrace of buildings due to Sunrays and other weather conditions. These cracks allow water to seep in roof and start building its own way to enter in the property. Majorly it has been experienced that whenever water gets logged due to blocked drains which might be due to debris or leafs. The logging of water enters through the cracks which were developed due to ageing.

In New Or Under construction Buildings should be treated with the waterproofing chemicals and waterproofing solutions by  at the following stages to bring up the maximum efficiency and efficacy in waterproofing the facility.

Roof Waterproofing or Terrace Waterproofing : Roof Waterproofing as already described above the roof has to bear the unfavorable environmental conditions like bearing direct sun rays, Ultraviolet rays, Rainfall, Water logging and many others. Companies like Dr. Fixit and Sika offers waterproofing chemicals for the roof waterproofing solutions.

While working on the Waterproofing of the building the waterproofing contracts should have integrated approach because there are many aspects attached towards the target goal to be achieved for long term results. While focusing on roof waterproofing we at prominent facility management services at contractors and services providers we ensure multiple checklist to ensure all points to be taken care.

Such as repairing of the cracks developed on roof. Hydroproffing the same with 2 Coat Waterproofing solutions of either Dr. Pidilite, Sika or Fosroc Chemicals. Laying fibremesh or the waterproofing material as per requirement of site.

Bathroom Waterproofing : Bathroom Waterproofing is an important part for the damp proofing due to the most moist area and water exposure.

Structural Waterproofing : The same compound has to be mixed with Cement Mortar to enhance the properties of structure.

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