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At Prominent Services, we comprehend that the security and solace of your house is your best need. That is the reason we offer thorough Residential Pest Solutions that take into account all your vermin control and counteractive action needs. Since we comprehend that every vermin issue is one of a kind, our experts are prepared with the most noteworthy of benchmarks.

Our client benefit delegates and administration specialists are prepared to offer assistance. Our family really thinks about ensuring your property and your family, that is the reason we have high contracting norms for our workers.

The initial phase in controlling irritations in and around your house is a review to recognize the nuisance and conditions prompting the pervasion. After the investigation your Technician will disclose the activity expected to redress the quick issue. We will likewise outline an administration program to fit your needs and way of life that will keep bothers away.

Creepy crawly bugs don’t rest for the winter rather they will look for the hottest side of the structure for an agreeable harborage. Year round medications hold bugs within proper limits to make spring and summer a more charming knowledge.

The Prominent administrations are ensured to secure your home against normal family bugs. Our home irritation control incorporates pre-planned inside and outside administrations over a 12 month time span. On the off chance that extra visits are required, we will turn out at no charge to you – it’s a piece of our certification to keep your home irritation free! In the event that you have a bug issue in your home, Contact Rose today to plan an arrangement!

Our Home Pest Control Service Program incorporates:

  • Pre-booked inside and outside administrations
  • Visual inside and outside investigation of the available regions
  • Written report of our discoveries and prescribed activities
  • Suggestions and proposals for disposing of future bug issues in and around your home
  • Interior and outside protection administrations for the home

We can expel any creepy crawly or creature that is attempting to make your home their own. Our exterminators will investigate your property, pinpoint the issue zones and convey an enduring arrangement. We endeavor to carry out the occupation right the first run through so you can have certainty that the majority of the creepy crawlies or natural life in your home have been wiped out.

Unmistakable administrations can give a standard administration plan in the event that you require it, yet we won’t drive you to have a year round program on the off chance that you needn’t bother with it or need it. We can ensure most vermin for the year with a maybe a couple treatment design. On the off chance that you are encountering mid year bugs, why pay for administrations amid the winter months? Maine Pest Solutions will tweak a program for you and treat appropriately to the bug and season. Our no agreement approach enables you the adaptability to just have and pay for administrations as you require them. We can assemble a vermin program for your home from a one-time treatment want to a quarterly arrangement, yet you just pay us when we do the administration. We don’t require installment when we are not really playing out an administration.

Mosquito Control Program includes the Dengue Mosquito Treatment with Residual Spraying & Fogging Services for your residential premises.

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