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As the seasonal challenge of Mosquito Based Fatal Disease of Dengue is at rise in North India Specially Punjab & near by. Hence Pest Control Team of Prominent Facility Management Services has developed a Mosquito Control Program for Residential Areas. Program includes the Fogging Services and Residual Spraying Methodology for internal and external areas of the premises. Fogging Services are fumigation services which eliminates the mosquito present in the environment.

With Residual Spraying broad spectrum, non-systemic insecticide with contact, residual and stomach action that is ideally suited for thermal fogging or short residual applications against mosquitoes and public health pests. Critically timed treatment of open spaces with airborne droplets of insecticide kills mosquitoes in periods of peak flying activity. Space spraying works best as part of an integrated resistance management program to reduce the overall mosquito population by killing both the biting and breeding adults and reducing the numbers of larvae reaching full development.

Mosquito Control

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