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.At Prominent Facility Management Services We the team of Certified & Licensed Pest Control Professionals are experienced in Pre constructional anti termite treatment process in which we treat the soil with chemical application of a building at early stage of its structure. the aim of anti termite treatment is to produce the building with a chemical barrier against the subterrain termites. anti white ant treatment being a specialized job, ought to be got executed through Licensed Companies bearing

Anti Termite Treatment Prominent Services

Commercial Pest Control License and must have expertise of completing similar works.

At Prominent Facility Management Services we have experience in handling similar projects.

Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment

The chemical barrier treatment is required to be applied ceaselessly the event stages of the substructure up to the terms. It covers the soil treatment with Government approved chemicals in water emulsion in foundation trenches. Columns, support beams, earth filling, at junction of walls and floor, in enlargement joints. Piecemeal as per the specification IS 6313 (part 2).

In order to substantiate uniform distribution of the chemical emulsion. Also, to assist penetration correct information processing system preparation is crucial.

The effectiveness of chemical

The effectiveness of chemical depends upon the selection of the chemical, the indefinite quantity adopted and therefore the conscientiousness of application. The chemical, therefore, unions or emulsions square measure needed to be distributed uniformly. Within the soil and to the desired strength so on kind an efficient chemical barrier. Which is deadly and repellent to termites.
The chemical emulsion ought to got to be applied uniformly by sprayers at the prescribed rates altogether the stages of the treatment.

The treatment by the chemical emulsion varies from five – seven litres/sqm reckoning on the surfaces being treated. Utmost care shall be taken to envision that the chemical barrier is complete and continuous. every a part of the world shall receive the prescribed indefinite quantity of chemical emulsion.

Care ought to be taken within the application of chemicals / soil toxicants to envision to envision that they’re not allowed to contaminate wells or springs and alternative sources.

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