Building Construction Material

We at Dealers of Saint Gobain Weber India Tile & Marble Adhesive for very easy to use and high performance tile adhesives for the professional tile fixer. Adhesives are polymer modified [...]

Rodent control service

Rodents’ science and propensities can make them trying to control, and they display a genuine threat to your home. In case need rat control benefits, this is what you should think about [...]

Anti Termite

Anti termite treatmentAnti termitesAnti termite treatment in buildingsAnti termite treatment post construction The majority of us know how tormenting it is the point at which you have a termite [...]

Marble Polishing Services

We at Prominent Facility Management Services with Our Trained & Experienced Floor Polishing & Restoration Team will do away with stains and superficial marks off your marble, making it [...]

Wood Borers Control

Wood borer treatmentWood boring beetles treatmentWood bugs The dominant part of furniture in Indian family units is made of wood or composites of wood. Wood-borer hatchlings or powderpost creepy [...]

Bed bugs

Bed bug bite treatmentTreatment for bed bug bitesHeat treatment for bed bugsBed bugs control servicesProfessional bed bug treatmentProfessional bed bug treatment companies We at Prominent [...]

Home Cleaning

We provide Flat Cleaning, Sofa cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, commercial and residential cleaning, Floor cleaning, And much more…

Pest Control service for Warehouses

A Warehouse is a business working for capacity of merchandise like nourishment items, completed products subsequent to assembling and preceding circulation. Distribution centers are utilized by [...]

Pest Control service for Offices

Ensuring Your Assets and Improving Employee Productivity Pests in the working environment can make incredible trouble your representatives and negatively affect the basic trustworthiness of the [...]

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