Get In Touch With Expert Team Of Hygine Experts Having Years Of Experience In Fumigation & Hi Hygine Services. Our Experts Understands the Hygine & Contamination Related Issued Arrising with today’s challaging atmosphere. We use the WHO Approved Disinfectants For Disinfection and Sanitization Acitivity. Prominent Facility Management Services is an ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified assembly of talented Facility Management professionals , who have years of experience in maintaining large modern day facilities. We have vast experience in Disinfection Sterfumes Services, Fumigation & Sanitization Services. We have our offices in Chandigarh Mohali & Ludhiana.

Our Licensed & Certified Management Team is committed to set new benchmarks in Facility Management Services, by delivering a combination of innovative, environment- friendly and effective solutions.

Mode Of Treatment Business Continuity Plans have been activated on customer sites to ensure that our people are healthy and using the necessary safety precautions to serve our customers. To minimize risk of infection for our customers on customer sites, we have partnered with suppliers to provide a supply of masks, hand sanitizers, hand-wash and also offer Surface and Air Disinfection. Depending on the severity levels, we are advising customers on minimising risks through step-up cleaning. We continually keep our customers informed and aware of good hand hygiene habits, social distancing and advising in case of symptoms for the virus. We are also partnering with our customers in the health (hospitals) and industrial sector to help them minimize risks.With our own team located at Chandigarh Mohali & Ludhiana we try to deliver the service same day.

In order to sterilize the atmosphere, chemical disinfectants and sterilization play a very vital role. Sterifume disinfective treatment uses a highly effective chemical that contains a high degree of antimicrobial properties and used for the surface and aerial treatment. The equipment used for the above said treatment is ULV or thermal fog/mist equipment which can reach at all inaccessible places within the treated areas and thus microbial contamination is treated. Sterifume treatment is a specialized service and is carried out by qualified technicians under supervision of experienced supervisor.
Chemical / Disinfectant Details : Virex II 256     

Brand : Diversy
Application Equipment : Battery Backpack Mist Sprayer /  ULV Electrical / Mist Blower Petrol Driven (Depending upon Area & Requirement )

Disinfectant Services Chandigarh

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